Friday, May 9, 2014

Rain and Pizza Bread

Rain is pretty rare around these parts.  When we do get rain, it usually pours down hard for 10 minutes, hails, thunders and just makes a big statement.  And then it moves on strongly and quickly like nothing ever happened. 
Today, we had an Oregon rainy day. You know, gray and cool and drizzly and cozy all through the afternoon.  Kind of like a small piece of paradise, if you ask me.
As the rain trickled down, we got an itch to bake.  We made up our recipe and called it 'Pizza Bread'.  And now I'm going to have to do an extra mile on my workout to, um, take care of the pizza bread. Yeah.
After all that fun was over, the children got the itch to go outside.  And run.  In the rain.
Ho ho! Is that rain we see?

And rain we smell?

Time for a little plotting, planning, and baking!

Homemade pizza sauce on homemade pizza dough.  Oh yeah!

"I'm a gonna woll out da dough wiff dis toy"

Not really restaurant-pretty, but didn't they do a nice job?

And wow, wouldn't you like to have that for lunch on a rainy day?!

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  1. you guys are having too much fun! (I'm just jealous) ;-) Have a wonderful Mothers' Day.