Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Have Five Teenagers in Our Home

Our fifth-born, Thomas, turned 13 last month.  He is a joy to be around.  He is innovative, over-the-top helpful, kind, sensitive, and a fast learner.  His love for God and His Word is growing and that is exciting.

Having a houseful of teenagers young adults is crazy.  Not only are we needing an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all (and the cars!!) these days, but watching them and walking with them as they change day by day is quite a whirlwind sometimes.  If one isn't going through early adolescent drama, another is figuring out the working man's world, or discovering just how true the Bible is, or how strong their character is.  The world now has a pull on them I never thought possible. Some situations cause me to sit back and seriously hold my breath.  Will they find the right path?  Do they know what to do?  What if they really blow it? Do they even care? Letting go while watching from the sidelines can be joyous, and terrifying too.
But I will say this - that in the middle of it all, my kids impress me many times. They are trying to wait for that serious relationship instead of dating around. They are jumping in to harder things more as they get older.   I often hear them apologizing to others whom they've hurt.  They are caring more about their own Bible studies. They pray through circumstances and know God hears them.  They say 'I love you' through the house.  They are thankful for their family and faith. Uh, most days, thankful for the family...
So, even though they are very truly eating us out of house and home, and the laundry piles are most certainly part of the Rockies by now, I find my older ones just wonderful. Terrifying...Over-dramatic...Sometimes worldly...Potentially grumpy...But wonderful.

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  1. couldn't be a prouder grandma! You/we, the world are soooo blessed!