Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh the Things They Can Think!

I love how these little ones think!

Sarah, age 5 1/2, staring intently at her tights: Mom, I've figured out how they make tights.  First they take a pair of pants, then they just sew some socks on!  

Ellie, age 3:  Sarah, guess what. Mom bought me an ice cream cone today.
Sarah: Oh, Ellie, I just wish I could have got an ice cream cone too.
Ellie: I know, Sarah, but only I did.
Sarah: But Ellie, I really wish I could have one.
Ellie: But you can't, Sarah.
Sarah: I know, but I want to.
Ellie: That's so sad, Sarah.
Sarah: Yep, Ellie, it's pretty sad alright.
I tell ya, it was awfully tempting to take her out for a cone right then and there.

Ellie stared at me for the longest time this morning.  Usually when she does this, I get a big hug afterward and she says 'Mommy, I love you!'.  She is a watcher and a processor.  Apparently this morning she wasn't thinking of how much she loved her Mommy.  This time after her long stare, she yelled out, 'Mom, you have a really big head!'. And then she giggled and ran down the hall.

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