Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Miracle of Modern Orthodontics

Now I'm not one to worry about everybody's teeth being picture perfect.  I think we get too obsessed in this culture about perfecting every little thing about ourselves.  A little character in your looks never hurt anyone!
However, when your son, at age 15, has what look like *shark teeth*- you know, rows of teeth, then I do think it's best to get that kid a good bite.  And in this case, a good smile.
Joey had his braces put on almost two years ago.  I really thought it would take a good long time to get his poor mouth straightened out.  And last week, while he was in for a regular visit to the orthodontist (who we love, by the way), he got the big news.  
Isn't he handsome? He let me take some pictures, shared lots of once-forbidden sticky candies all around with his brothers and sisters, then bolted out the office door to spend an early birthday celebration with about 20 guys.  Not bad, eh?

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