Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who Needs a Fork?

My smart and talented husband won a big handful of free meals and such at a golf tournament last fall.  He took some for himself, and gave the rest to me.
So, not too long ago, some of the crew and I dropped Joey off at the mall (and if you know Joey at all, you know he went there to walk and pray, not to shop!).  We were hungry, but had no money.  Then I remembered these wonderful cards in my wallet-so off we headed to the Genghis Grill for our four free lunches.
We had never been there before.  And in we walked- Hannah and I, and our 3 littlest ones.  Not too bright at lunch rush hour next to a huge mall in south-suburban Denver...It was an experience for sure.  One of those restaurants that has good food, but has to do something different than everybody else, you know?  
I ended up standing in line with Sarah, at the back of the whole restaurant, while Hannah kept Ellie and Buddy occupied at the table at the other end of the place with straws and, um, glasses of water.  Yah.
After what seemed like an hour through this winding line full of hungry customers, we picked our food and had it all grilled up and served to us.  It really was a good meal- fresh meat and veggies galore!
The baby was a mess.  He doesn't like loud. He doesn't like crowds.  And he was getting tired. But really, since he couldn't be heard over all the music and noodle-eaters, we managed to eat our meal in relative peace.
The best part of it all was watching Sarah try out her chopsticks.  See what you think of her new talent!

A little cheating here...Helping the noodle on to the stick

And she has it!  I think she did pretty good!

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