Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sarah's Favorite Store

Sarah is five years old.  She loves pink.  And cooking with Mom.  And running the show.  And when we drive around town, there is a place that makes her heart go thumpa-thump.  Candy store?  Nope.  Toy store?  Nah.  Her eyes bug out and she just about jumps out of her car seat whenever she sees that big orange store. That's right: The Home Depot.
You see, every 1st Saturday of the month, Sarah might just get to go in and build something cool with the Kids Club (unless, of course, they are making picture frames or something else that we already have um-enough of).
Here she is with her big brother Thomas, nailing together a nice little birdhouse.
Sarah Elizabeth doesn't do anything half-heartedly.
Well, except maybe cleaning her bedroom.
Look at how steady this girl is!  Not bad for a spaz...
Thomas is rounding the bend into that pre-teen era.  He has become so competent at many things.  Here he is taking his birdhouse apart, because the nails weren't in quite right.  He ended up with a very nice looking birdhouse.
Sarah wanted 'a bright yellow roof, so that the birds will choose my house to have their family in!'.
And how do you end such a wonderful morning?  By inviting your best friend and sister Ellie to your tea party. With double layer chocolate cake, of course.

Stay tuned to see if we get any birds!

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